Psc scholarship essay questions

So, how can Singaporean youths be less risk-averse when the opportunity cost of risk-taking is so big? If public servants are given too much discretion to interpret rules, and become too creative, it will be a matter of time before our system degenerates into one where guanxi connections prevails.

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A piece of something essay architecture essay for messi d or The ideal citizen envisaged by Mr Lee is someone pragmatic, responsible, disciplined, frugal, hard-working, well-behaved, family-focused and puts society before self.

Even a few mavericks - people with unconventional viewpoints who are willing to challenge assumptions - will be useful because they will add vitality and diversity to the service.

By and large, success has not gone to their heads. We try to balance the different perspectives, bearing in mind that people behave and perform differently in different circumstances.

Hence, please read the daily paper because invariably someone will ask you what caught your attention in that day's newspaper.

To excavate the stories of obscured histories and marginalized peoples, to question assumptions and drive action with cultural understanding, to be a cartographer of the heart… These dreams were nebulous, without the reassuring sturdiness of an occupationally safe and established aspiration.

But without EQ, they often fail. My thoughts had unwittingly crept towards the whimsical idea of writing a novel in my free time, in anticipation of one day when I would finally have the money or the opportunity to delve wholeheartedly into creating creative content.

Future Plans and Goals Briefly describe your long- and short-term goals. The exhibitions on our founding fathers and a rather belated attempt to revise the way history is taught in our schools will go some way to fill the gaps.

And as I mentioned, quite a superficial knowledge on current affairs from last minute newspaper reading.

Brainstorm Common Scholarship Essay Questions

Current Events and Social Issues To test your skills at problem-solving and check how up to date you are on current issues, many scholarship applications include questions about problems and issues facing society.

What traits do you have that will enhance your education and future employment? If they imbibe everything they are taught uncritically, it means they are not thinking for themselves and have closed minds.

My PSC Scholarship Interview Experience

Enough to prevent groupthink, but not so many as to disrupt the institution. Why or why not? This is usually an indicator that you have some sort of passion or interest in the organization that you are applying for a scholarship from.

On the other hand, an inflexible adherence to rules will cause bureaucratic inertia and create an unthinking public service which lacks initiative and compassion. If you do not know something, it is better to admit your ignorance than to try to fabricate an answer. An example would be the happiness revolution Join a Non-profit Organization.


We must look beyond appearances to determine the substance. Maintaining the scholarship Receiving a scholarship is a great achievement, no doubt, but maintaining it is also quite a feat. The prompt may specify a problem one posed by a current event, a common interpersonal situation, etc.

We need to ask difficult questions because we are less interested in ascertaining what you know than in finding out how you think and what kind of person you are. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Despite the fact that our students nowadays travel quite frequently, and much more than students in the past, many lack knowledge about, or interest in, current and foreign affairs.

There is no point mugging for the interview.

Psc Essay Questions 2012

BrightSparks is an excellent platform for this purpose, with its congregation of many scholarship providers in Singapore. However, Philip's peers think that Dr Goh was also a powerful mentor and protector. But because candidates will vary in everything else, the PSC will have to exercise judgment in making trade-offs.

This is a raw, honest, reflective account that is ultimately personal. Being critical means you care about our nation and want to improve things and correct what you think is wrong.Should I apply for the scholarship now if I intend to proceed for my studies only after I have completed my National Service?

You need not wait till after you have completed your National Service to apply. Jul 26,  · The candidates themselves write a short essay on their own values.

The PSC panel reads all these background papers and reports before meeting the applicants. After the interviews, which stretched over five months, the PSC eventually awarded 84 scholarships. Frequently Asked Questions. What are the undergraduate teaching scholarships available?

This gives you more time to fill up your application form and prepare the essay. You will be granted NS disruption only if you are offered the PSC(T) Scholarship administered by PSC.

If you are awarded the EMS.

Singapore Scholarship Guide

The essay: It’s the most important part of your scholarship application, and it can be the hardest. But, the essay shouldn’t keep you from applying. Take a look at some commonly asked essay questions and use them to prepare for your scholarship applications.

Brainstorm ideas, do some research or. During the half-hour interview, PSC has the opportunity to ask candidates questions not only to determine how suitable they are for the public service but also to get a sense of how young.

Typed essay of one page maximum, addressing your commitment to pursue a career in one of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines and how it .

Psc scholarship essay questions
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